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Are you planning an event or special activity? 

Below you will find a selection of potential activities. Almost nothing is impossible. We can arrange most of the ideas wherever you like.

Make full use of our immense experience in planning and organizing events to meet your wishes.

Contact us, mention your preferred place and activity and we will be happy to forward you a proposal.

Ideas for events

Culinary experience:



Going mobile:






Culinary experience    


Brewing seminar

Fun and team experience are decisive in the brewing seminar. Learn more about the beer culture and pass through the different production steps. Try the beer at its different stages of maturing and there might be also time to produce your own bottle.


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Gourmet carriage

Are you looking for a different kind of dinner? Then the Gourmet carriage could be the right thing for you. Take a cozy ride through the charming countryside and enjoy a delicious dinner. The carriage accommodates up to 28 persons.


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Horse riding and gold-panning 

Feel like you're in the "Wild West". Spend a few hours on horseback and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This tour is suitable for beginners and also for advanced riders. A carriage will accompany the group to ensure you can always switch from horseback to the carriage.

Why not round off the  perfect Wild West feeling by trying your luck with gold-panning.


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Wine tasting

Learning how to choose good wines can be both informative and enjoyable.

Sample the exceptional wines of well-known wine regions in the perfect setting in Switzerland or France. Follow this with a delicious dinner. Experts will tell you many interesting details about production and storage of these precious drops.


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Etiquette Event

To be successful, good manners, etiquette and style are more demanded than ever. Especially during the festive season there are many occasions to make a faux pas.
Catch up on the latest trnds! Learn how to move safely and confidently when having drinks, learn the current rules of small talk and prevent all kind of embarrassments when socializing!

Combine an etiquette event with an excellent dinner. This time, experience a special and instructive dinner: Starting with the aperitif then moving onto the small talk and the dinner itself. All participants will learn a lot of interesting details about proper etiquette while having lots of fun at the same time.

The power of the first impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Find out more about how you come across and perform. Learn how to exude competents and confidence. What styling leads to success? What are eye-catchers? What does your counterpart think about your handshake?

Learn exciting and astonishing facts. Decide on your own how you want to appear.

This program can be ideally combined with the etiquette event.  

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Fencing with the world champion


In this extraordinary event, you get the opportunity to learn more about fencing in general, but also about the differences between of epee, floret and sabre.

A former fencing champion and team world champion in floret introduces you to this sport. After a short theoretical part, you get all the equipment and then it's en garde. This event provides great entertainment value and is perfect to strengthen group dynamics.

The fencing event can take place under any weather conditions and can be organized in most places (even in your conference room).

Group size: 10 to 25 people. 
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Whiskey tasting 

Would you like to be an expert in whiskeys?

Want to invite your best clients or your staff to a special event? A whiskey tasting is the ideal occasion to get into high-level talks with your guests.


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Cigar sampling 

Take your time to enjoy an exclusive cigar. Bring a gourmet dinner to perfection with your selected cigar.

And what better to complement a cigar sampling than some whiskey tasting.


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Cheese tasting with a famous chef

Are you looking for a unique dinner for a group? Do you love cheese?

Then you should savor a 'celebration of cheese'. Over 4 courses you get to sample the most select and noble of cheeses. A top class gourmet dinner! 

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Cardboard boat building

Send your team with cardboard, plastic and tape to a boat race. Only by precise planning of resources and perfect execution, can a group win. The challenge is to build a boat which can then be raced. The building of a cardboard boat is an exciting and also amusing challenge for a summer event.

Complete this day with a fantastic BBQ by the water.



Take a look at the clip of a cardboard boat building event with Spitex Bern:

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Sailing has become fashionable after the America's Cup win by Swiss entry, Alinghi, and offers an ideal incentive. Clients have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the up-and-coming sport while working in small groups.


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To spend a day on a lake or a river is a memorable experience. Enjoy paddling as you chat. Depending on the season, don't miss a jump into the nice cool water afterwards.  


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Dragon boat building

Dragon boat building is a dynamic group experience. Together, you enter the water with the self-built boats and try out the paddling technique. Each team receives wood, screws and ropes to build a dragon boat of about 5.5 meters in length. Good teamwork is the most important ingredient.


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Raft building

A highlight in terms of teamwork is the building of a raft. Creativity and commitment on the part of each member are crucial for success. The combination of handwork, nature, teamwork and the final river cruise makes this event memorable. Round off the river trip with a big bonfire and barbecue party.


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Going mobile


Balloon flight - Airship

Drift with a hot air balloon or an airship above the landscape. Reward your best employees or customers with a balloon ride. Enjoy Switzerland from the bird's eye view and complete the adventure with, for example, some cozy cheese fondue fun.


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Scooter riding

Enjoy a nice hike or a leisurely drive into the mountains with your team. With the final rapid downhill scooter ride, each and every one will have great fun. All the necessary equipment is provided.

A scooter ride can be easily combined with other activities and compliments each program.


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What is a Segway?

Anyone who sees a Segway for the first time is astonished to find a board with two wheels and a handlebar. A Segway is a self-balancing electric device and is controlled by the movement of the body.

Complete your company outing with a Segway city tour or let us organize a mobile event at which the Segway can be individually tested.


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Accelerate as fast as you can! Come to the carting circuit and compete against your teammates. You determine your own pace and the timing system will tell you exactly how fast you were.


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Quad tour 

With a quad you can drive through forest and across open ground. The driver's heart beats faster! A great experience is guaranteed. Before the trip, all participants are thoroughly briefed.


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Helicopter flights

Always a highlight!

Whether you use the helicopter ride to transfer or for a sightseeing flight, you can be sure all the participants will enjoy the experience.

A helicopter flight can be part of a wonderful program with various activities. Surprise your customers or employees.


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Trike tour in Switzerland

To ride a trike is an adventure of a very special class!

After an introduction to the world of trikes and a personal driving lesson, you take to the road. You will be equipped with helmet and windcheater. Enjoy this experience! 

A trike tour can be designed to meet your specifications. We suggest the best routes. Driving the trike is easy to learn.

 Trike Ausfahrt     

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Remember the olden days!

Pamper your guests with a ride in a vintage car. Such a tour can be perfectly combined with other activities on the road.


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Horse riding and gold-panning 

Feel like you're in the "Wild West". Spend a few hours on horseback and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This tour is suitable for beginners and also for advanced riders. A carriage will accompany the group to ensure you can always switch from horseback to the carriage.

Why not round off the  perfect Wild West feeling by trying your luck with gold-panning.


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Team cooking

Doesn't food belong to the best things in life?

Preparing a gourmet dinner together makes it even better. During a cooking session each member of the group can contribute to the success of the menu. This team cooking can take place in a well-equipped kitchen or even in a mobile tent at your preferred location. 


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City Target Seeker

"Target Seeking" combines the excitement and fun of an outdoor treasure hunt with modern communication technology. Instead of the old-style treasure map, the teams are equipped with mobile communication devices. 

Through a series of different game stages or tasks, the participating teams look for predetermined objects such as buildings, locations or persons with the objective of collecting information needed to complete the game's mission (the final target).

General information and the first task will be given to the team at the start. Each task has to be completed within a certain time frame. To prove a team has actually completed a task successfully, the answer has to be submitted to the mission control chief.

The Target Seeker event can take place locally, regionally or even nationally. It can be tailored to your needs. The game lasts anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.


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Paint team pictures

Would you like to promote the creative side of your team? Then you are sure to be intrigued by this event. On a large canvas the teams get to make their own ideas a reality. A special topic can be defined. Of course, all required material from the apron through to the brushes and colors will be provided.

This event can take place in a garden, near a lake or in your meeting room. The weather does not matter.


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Ice hockey

Did you always want to play a real hockey match using professional equipment?

Experience a real hockey match with motivating music, cheerleaders, coach and commentator. We can arrange this highlight for you and your team.

Aktivitaeten%20div./Hockey-1.jpg        Aktivitaeten%20div./eishockey.jpg

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Bobsledding with the world champion

Surprise your team with an unforgettable program in St. Moritz! The former world champion in bobsledding, Reto Götschi, tells you a lot of interesting details about the tricks of sledding and the course.
In a four-man bob with a speed of up to 130 km/h you will be riding through the 17 curves to Celerina. A lunch together with Reto Götschi will make this day unforgettable for you and your guests.
Experience the beautiful winter landscape of the Engadine, and combine the program for instance with skiing or snowshoeing. There are many possibilities.

Group size: 5 to 30 persons


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Huskies are enthusiastic working dogs with a distinct desire to run. Movement, snow and the pack is their life.

Experience an unforgettable husky ride and the fascinating interaction between human and animal! Enjoy the great view on famous mountains such as the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

What could better symbolize "teamwork" than a team of huskies? This activity is possible not only in winter, but all year long on the glacier. With the unique glacier-summit restaurant fully equipped with seminar facilities at your disposal, large groups can be split between the seminar rooms, the huskies, or other snow activities. These can be igloo building, snow sculpting, snow tubes, avalanche rescue, snowshoeing and other team activities.


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Unlimited snowmobiling fun on the Spluegen Pass! 70 kilometers of well prepared trails, new 4 stroke machines - are you ready for some great fun?  You start this adventure well-equipped. Lunch is served in a beautiful, cozy restaurant. This experience can be arranged over one or more days and is an unforgettable event for all participants. 


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Winter race training on snow and ice

Experience a very special car race!

Drive a specially prepared race-car on snow and ice. Feel the effect of 200 spikes per front tire on your braking manoeuvres. Feel like a rally driver! The instructor in the passenger seat will also motivate you.

After several training sessions you can take part in qualifying, followed by two races of one hour each with a mass start. Three drivers on each team take turns through pit stops every 10 minutes. 

This program is ideal for companies as a motivation for their clients or their best employees.

This event is also available for individuals.

We also offer other services, such as a  "Formula Renault Monza" day program near Geneva, or driving a Formula 1 car close to Nice, or a BMW or Mercedes driving experience on snow and ice.

/web/Ideenkatalog/Snow-training-1.jpg        /web/Ideenkatalog/Snow-training.jpg

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Experience the wonders of alpine scenery. With snowshoes you can explore the most beautiful places in the winter paradise.

You can choose from a easy tour to very demanding snowshoeing treks - anything is possible. We adapt the program and the degree of difficulty to your needs and those of your group.

What about a snowshoe tour during full moon? You will be enchanted by this experience.  

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BMW Z4-rally through Bayern

This adventure begins at the BMW factory in Munich. After a brief introduction, the journey begins with these great cars. On the way, you will be asked to answer different questions related to Bayern and it's surroundings, and find various places using clues. 

Of course, we also take care of the digestive welfare of the group, with, for example, white sausages in the morning and a tour of a brewery, including of course a beer tasting.

Munich also offers much more than that - contact us! 


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Tent camp in Thailand

Thailand offers countless programs for each type of group. The camp experience begins with a fascinating boat ride on the Andamann Lake - featuring the "James Bond" island. Passengers can simply marvel and dream. On the way you also get the opportunity to explore some of the amazing caves in a canoe.

In the evening you reach the private camp, specially set up for your group. Accommodation is in simple tents. A dinner fit for a prince is served on the beach itself.


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South Africa

Africa, and especially South Africa, touches and inspires people like no other continent. Africa stands for sensuality and breadth, stunning faunas, a hearty laugh, rhythm, emotions, endless starry skies, boundless energy, culinary discoveries, new horizons, unspoilt scenery and unforgettable experiences.

Join us on a safari. You will discover the inspiring space and vastness of Africa. Enjoy Cape Town as a lifestyle metropolis. The range of ideas is as varied as South Africa can only be: interactive shared moments with a ranger which end with a drumming session in the bush; the luxurious Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town or a Harley Davidson tour of the Cape of Good Hope. We can organize the perfect package for you. 


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