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Take advantage of our experience!

Perera Events has been operating for more than 18 years in the travel and event sector. Our clients are evidence of our know-how and the countless events we organize for them constantly expand our experience and expertise.

Why an event agency?

The competency

The help of an agency in the planning and execution of an event makes economic sense: You will be more effective if you concentrate on your business and your core competencies and delegate the event organization to a specialized agency.

The experience

You can count on our experience. Practice shows that the overall concept is only one element in the success of an event. Equally important is the perfect implementation. Even the smallest details have to be persistently and systematically taken care of. Our strength is our ability to anticipate these details and respond appropriately.

The event-organizing environment is constantly evolving. We know the latest trends and what is most likely to appeal to your guests.

The know-how

We bring a vast know-how to the staging stage of events - from concept and basic ideas right through careful organization to perfect implementation.  

The costs

Costs can be organized on a fixed salary, budget percentage, or charged on a time & material basis. This guarantees effective and professional organization thus avoiding time-consuming and costly detours and breakdowns, and ensures a tight budget planning and monitoring.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to be able to circulate at your event and devote your attention to your guests. You can do this safe in the knowlege that the event has been perfectly organized. 

At the end of the day, employing a professional agency such as ourselves is usually more cost effective than having your own organization trying to do it using its own resources.  

Definition of incentive

Incentives are defined as monetary values and bonuses, events or trips, which are used by companies to motivate or reward individuals (such as employees or business partners).

The word "incentive" comes from the Latin word "incendo" and means "stir up enthusiasm", "to inflame", "to illuminate", "increase".

The overall goal of incentives is, in most cases, revenue and profit maximization. To achieve this,  secondary objectives are targeted, such as:

  • Promotion of employee motivation
  • Improvement of morale within a company
  • Increase in employee loyalty
  • Higher attendance rates within the company
  • Promotion of team spirit